Really?!? (in the style of Really with Seth and Amy from SNL)

Just got back from a run (I really need to go back to running regularly, I’m running so slow and a mere 3.5 miles was a wee bit taxing) and turned on the TV as I sit in my AC and try to cool off as I stretch (and by stretch I mean sit on the floor and do nothing).  “Wheel of Fortune” is on and I can’t find the remote so it’s what I’m watching.  I don’t want to sound too judgemental but:

“SI-N  -AN–A-E  INTERPRETER” is the puzzle.  Now even if you can’t figure out that the answer is SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER from that point, how in the hell is your next letter “D”?!?!?!  Where does “D” fit?  Maybe I don’t have the greatest vocabulary, but jebus!  And it wasn’t a tentative “D”, it was proclaimed with confidence.  Really?!? “D”??!?  Really?!??

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