MS should’ve given them a cut rate on Office 2008 and/or Access

The Federal government can’t afford Excel 2007?  And, umm, Excel’s considered a more powerful database application?  I mean I guess versus earlier versions or something.

FEC, media can’t handle Obama jackpot – Kenneth P. Vogel –

If you want to comb through Obama or Clinton’s cash, you either need to divide and import their reports section-by-section a time-consuming and mind-numbing process or purchase a more powerful database application, such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel 2007, both of which retail for $229.

I know MS has deals in place to give some colleges/universities MS software for $5/disc, maybe the government cuts them a break on antitrust fines or something and MS gives them a newer office suite.

I wonder in what format/program Obama sent the information to the FEC.

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