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I just gave Delicious Library 2.0 a shot and it’s a mixed bag.  Importing via the iSight is nice and it sure is a pretty program, but I wish it was a little more database focused.  I might give DVDpedia a shot, but I think DL2.0 is good enough.

I really miss the program I used back in my Winny days, DVD Profiler.  It relied on user to input information into it’s database which was then used to fill out the information when you typed in the ISBN or UPC number or put the DVD in the drive and let the app recognize it automatically (though I always found it easier to just type in the number).  For a tiny few titles, it was crazy, but for the most part it was spot on.  Of course you’d run into issues with spelling every now and then, and the use or not of “Jr.” or other end of name things.  What I loved most about the program though, was that it acted like a real database app.  What I mean is I could sort the info however I wanted.  I could click a movie and it would bring up all the info, including full cast lists.  And for most/all of the actors I could click on the name and it would bring up what other movies the actor appeared in within my collection.  Or director or etc etc etc.  It was great.  Admittedly it’s not the most useful/necessary feature, but it was something I loved.  Sometimes I would go on a movie run where I tried to connect the next movie with the movie I just watched and it was very useful.

I loved this app so much, that I considered installing VPC and windows JUST for it in my PPC days and to this day think about running a virtual XP machine to use it.  Though it might suck now, I used it many many years ago.

Delicious Library


DVD Profiler

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