Am I Too Angry?

Here we go again:

So I’m driving back from the supermarket.  I come to an intersection.  I get in the far right lane.  The light is red.  On the other side of the intersection, roughly 2-3 car lengths down,  there is a bus parked in the far right lane.  The Volvo next to me starts to do that rev-the-engine-to-start-fast-off-the-line-so-the-guy-next-to-me-can’t-get-in-front-of-me-because-there’s-a-bus-over-there-in-his-lane rock back and forth.  Whatever.  So there is some traffic behind him and I know if I don’t beat him off the line I’ll be stuck for awhile.  So he’s rocking, light goes green, of course I beat him off the line and with more than enough space (I’m really not just painting this in a light that makes me look good, I really had plenty of space to get into his lane), I merge to the left because of the aforementioned bus.  Now this dude in his Volvo starts to hardcore tailgate me.  So I tap my brakes to back him off.  He backs off, but then right back on me.  So now I slow down to roughly 15-20 mph.  He backs off.  We pass another intersection and I’m about a half block from my turn into my apartment.  I get into the right lane and slow down a lot because it’s a pretty sharp turn into the lane to my apartment.  Now here’s where I admit I pulled a bit of a childish thing, but I turned and stared at the guy as he passed while I was slowing down to turn.  It’s important to know I had my blinker on in a proper distance to let people know I was turning in.  The Volvo passed me and about two car lengths down the guy stops short of the traffic, turns in his seat and is flipping me the bird.  I mean the guy looks late 30s, rolling the family Volvo wagon.  I can see he’s yelling too.  Emotions get the better of me and I eschew my turn and pull up next to him (he’s still stopped short of the traffic ahead of him to flip me off).  I stare him down hard and flip him off as well.  I had no traffic ahead of me so I kept going, albeit slowly, flipping him off, made a turn and then went back to my place.

So I ask you, Am I Too Angry?

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