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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-31:

  • Oh: is my outfit to Arlington (by young woman in black polo and khaki pants). #
  • @ayn yeah blue bottle on flickr (there are TONS) #
  • f yeah shimone #
  • @Odenized dunno, pretty good d pre ronnie. and i dont know if he’ll share the ball well with mcgrady and yao #
  • i’m prob late on this, but check yo sunscreens! #
  • wifey about to drive my (read: our) car (manual transmission) for the first time completely solo. only slightly worried #
  • @christmascarol f yeah it does #
  • wifey’s first solo drive = success #
  • i feel like i’m THIS close to going back to 6-8-10 cups of coffee/day. trying to stick to 2, but i’m already at 3 today #
  • @LindsayG ALL DAY i’ve thought that… really messed me up.)= #
  • @LindsayG i have the case too. it’s great. just be sure to get a good seal (no stray hair, lint, etc on the seal). #
  • drnking some coffee from juan valdez cafe #
  • @tstarks33 too late. my soul is black… like my coffee! #
  • rather than strictly gmail web interface, i’m strongly considering moving to these days, if only bc i started using ical lately #
  • iPhone for fucking nothing. Data plan for fucking nothing. You gotta ha fucking kidding me right now #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-30:

  • Dinner with the in laws means appetizers are 5 orders of galbi (Korean ribs). #
  • And I burned the f out of my f #
  • Finger that is #
  • @ayn I have bodyguardz and full body films and already used bodyguardz warranty. And of course mf front film #
  • @ayn you know how much trouble I had but my install is damn near perfect. I’m calling it 96% #
  • @gruber i’ve read a lot of reviews saying “shine a light” is a pretty mediocre doc (though they also all say concert footage is awesome) #
  • caffeine intake has increased substantially over the past week #
  • AT&T ARE FUCKTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • wow, this has got to be insulting: test if you are a woman? #
  • i’m totally pimping monty out: #
  • @siracusa i know, i hate that. plus in the iphone menu in itunes there should be a GUI for arranging iphone home screen how you want #
  • @siracusa also, i should be able to choose to not have stocks, youtube, installed apple apps unless i want. force me to keep saf, ipod, phon #
  • i remember when sales tax holidays were introduced and such a big deal… #
  • Cabbing home bc @wmata having problems on blue/orange lines at Clarendon single tracking through there causing delays #
  • More than anything I want copy paste for iPhone so I can tiny URL or whatever service for my tweets #
  • At professional photographer for fam portrait. Dude shoots nikon. Also said too hard to photoshop out wifey’s braces. #
  • – Hidden bush ashtray! #
  • Mustve used iPhone a lot today. Batt is as low as I’ve had it #
  • Oops the guy is actually shooting fuji finepix not nikon #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-29:

  • @ayn word the filters I have are #4s like it’s fate haha #
  • – you can’t say you at least INTERESTED in TRYING one of these… #
  • – haha, this guy pwned kathy lee and the other lady. have to watch til the part where they go to the back island #
  • some days shit ain’t all it’s cracked up to be… what a f-in crap day it has turned into #
  • zune guy is large, makes that touch look like a toy #
  • @ayn you and everyone else (even me and i dont even use mail or to-do) #
  • – Table decoupage of sorts at sala Thai #
  • First iPhone drop 1.5-2.0 ft onto carpet! #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-28:

  • i hate the “euro” comp in the #nba. it makes teams overpay for players that don’t deserve it. just when i though the era of crazy was over #
  • going to start using my flip more and imovie (hmm, i’ve said that about my dslr and CS3 too) get ready for cheesy vids of wife and/or dog #
  • @peterrojas i wish i thought buying one would make it easier for the wife to work it all. any rzn you went with harmony 1 vs 880? #
  • @advthry tivoing season 2 premiere right now, might actually watch it now, but likely tomorrow #
  • fixing car window (motor out) will cost me roughly $400…. )= #
  • Just got a call from ATT office of the president or some such re my iPhone ordeal. I didn’t get anything free bit nice to get the call #
  • At mechanic fixing car window will run me approx 300 rather than 400… 25% off! Ha #
  • Mechanic shop is chintzy but near a bunch of nicer costlier ones but a lot of bimmers in the lot so can’t be too bad #
  • Previous gen (e38) 7 series and previous gen 5 (e39) m5 are prob my favorite bmw models #
  • 5/8 corners on iPhone back skin kind of suck considering how to repair if at all #
  • Shop I came to a. Does service for the nearby bmw dealer but also been servicing bmws for 30 years. Good to know #
  • Had to restart phone to get gps lock boo #
  • oh god, i need caffeine SO badly. i’m not a fiend anymore, but i’m used to 2x cups day and right now i’m 2 behind on the da #
  • feeling incredibly lazy. haven’t run since sat. and it’s not going to happen today. cant even do pushups (stupid mousing hand) today… #
  • no exercise either ties right into the “last time to be vain” phase of my life or is the antithesis of it… #
  • @gpoon @ayn @christmascarol i’m down for another challenge for august…. hmm, what to do though? distance again? X runs in the month? #
  • @gpoon anyways i’m always better about running if involved in a “competition” #
  • @gpoon @ayn @christmascarol someone else will have to set it up, i don’t have anyone’s email (august 120m? or train for “speed” in august?) #
  • Haha shower me with your love #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-27:

  • just gave monty a cut. He’s a sausage these days. Freaking carb filled dry dog food #
  • @ayn fo sho, but he’s a fatty! i do half dry half raw bc raw too much, and it’s potato starch based. he is fat! doggie atkins ftw! #
  • @tstarks33 i want sushi, burger, pizza, wings. only place to get all = strip club! #
  • – @ayn toes!!!! warning pic of my toes, dont click if you dont want to see #
  • @chockenberry is there a way to click to directly see the tweet someone is replying to in my t’rrific timeline? #
  • @christmascarol i get them whenever i do steady state runs daily for more than 2 weeks or so. i’ve only ever lost 1 though #
  • ftw while cleaning. Late start to the day #
  • raining cats and dogs… condo bbq in the penthouse party room anyways… #
  • @ayn i use the neutrogena with helioplex stuff. it’s good enough #
  • WORD, executive email carpet bomb of my att/iphone problems got me a response from att. i gave them some more info and they will contact me #
  • @ayn can’t be bothered to spend so much on something that i use so often. plus i think for stuff like that diff is min bw top and very good #
  • hmm, i’m paranoid, maybe the att email means they will target me and i’ll have nothing but problems from now on!!! #
  • @ayn no barney’s near me, there is a co-op though. meh, really dont want to end up spending a lot on sunscreen. what i got is good enough #
  • come on ebayers buy my iphone! haha #
  • Ack this back skin attracts dust be lint like mad and my tiny corner bumps = dust depor #
  • @peterrojas nice I want one but am holding off for them to include BT so I can toss my ps3 remote too #
  • @ayn fuck dude great!!!! #
  • better for iTunes than apple tv #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-26:

  • My replacement bodyguardZ delivered before my full body film even though ordered 2 days later #
  • poor man’s clean room for my third go round with wet film on back oh iphone 3g (2nd iphone 3rd attempt) #
  • and big ups to NLU for fast replacement shipping and F fullbodyfilms for SLOW shipping #
  • NLU replacement shipped 7.23 arrived today. fullbodyfilm shipped 7.22 nowhere to be seen #
  • testing twitter tools from my blog #
  • @ayn ream at&t for me! #
  • @pomodrunkard agree with you on TDK. it was good not great. it almost had several endings. i would watch again, but not as good as i wanted #
  • almost a perfect application of my iphone 3g rear skin #
  • i dont know if it was worth nearly 2 hours #
  • @LindsayG time to invest in a bigger crumpler! #
  • batman is george w. bush?!?! #
  • @gruber somewhere else? #
  • barghhhh. twitter work for me #
  • for me mad men doesn’t glamourize smoking or womanizing or sexism, etc etc etc. but it DOES make me want to drink a lot more #
  • full body film delivered today #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-25:

  • @ayn me too! #
  • @ayn oh that’s it. i wasn’t going to, but tonight there will be a twitpic of my black toenails!!! #
  • @ayn i have bad biomechanics, it always happens to me. shoe size doesn’t matter, happened in bigger nimbus than current ones too #
  • @danbenjamin almond butternators? #
  • @ayn i HATE cutting monty’s nails. #
  • @ayn use a dremel! #
  • @ayn i think mine is in my parents’ garage in ATL or maybe in killeen #

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Seth Rogan on dogs and girlfriends

I’d imagine it applies to wives and dogs too.  I had a dog pre-then girlfriend, now wife, and I can attest to at least part of this:

“My girlfriend wants a dog more than anything in the universe,” Rogen says. (Her name’s Lauren; she’s a TV writer; they met before he was famous; they live together.) He’s managed to hold her off, for now, by saying they can get one if she lets him get a motorcycle, something he doesn’t even really want: “It had to be something,” he reasons, “that she really doesn’t want me to have.”

“No,” says Sandy Rogen firmly.

We talk about the pet thing, how it’s always a rehearsal for the having-kids thing. You think it’ll postpone the conversation, but—

“Yeah,” Rogen says. “It kind of evolves the conversation, right? Leslie Mann”—his Knocked Up co-star, and Judd Apatow’s wife—“told me that. She said, ‘Don’t get her a dog, or you’ll have to give her a baby.”

It’s late in the afternoon now, and Lauren’s here. She’s got enviable bone structure, a lot of brown curly hair. She finds Little Bear right away, sits in the hallway with Mark and Sandy with the dog on her lap.

“You’re so good,” she says. “You haven’t even tried to bite me once.”

Rogen sees this happening. He walks over, looking like a man who’s just realized he’s probably getting a dog soon, whether or not he wants one.

“Does it feel that different?” he says to Lauren, indicating the dog. “This is what it would be like.”

“No,” she says. “But I’m already touching you less.”

“I know,” Rogen says. “I’m already a third banana.”

He moves in closer; she pats his belly, reaches out to take his hand, but keeps an arm around the dog.

“It triangulates your relationship,” Sandy Rogen says.

My GF/Wife came post-dog, but now it’s already the two of them and then me.  And yeah, the dog gets more love than I do any day of the week.

Read the full profile of Seth Rogan in GQ or at GQ.