Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-26:

  • My replacement bodyguardZ delivered before my full body film even though ordered 2 days later #
  • poor man’s clean room for my third go round with wet film on back oh iphone 3g (2nd iphone 3rd attempt) #
  • and big ups to NLU for fast replacement shipping and F fullbodyfilms for SLOW shipping #
  • NLU replacement shipped 7.23 arrived today. fullbodyfilm shipped 7.22 nowhere to be seen #
  • testing twitter tools from my blog #
  • @ayn ream at&t for me! #
  • @pomodrunkard agree with you on TDK. it was good not great. it almost had several endings. i would watch again, but not as good as i wanted #
  • almost a perfect application of my iphone 3g rear skin #
  • i dont know if it was worth nearly 2 hours #
  • @LindsayG time to invest in a bigger crumpler! #
  • batman is george w. bush?!?! #
  • @gruber somewhere else? #
  • barghhhh. twitter work for me #
  • for me mad men doesn’t glamourize smoking or womanizing or sexism, etc etc etc. but it DOES make me want to drink a lot more #
  • full body film delivered today #

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