Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-27:

  • just gave monty a cut. He’s a sausage these days. Freaking carb filled dry dog food #
  • @ayn fo sho, but he’s a fatty! i do half dry half raw bc raw too much, and it’s potato starch based. he is fat! doggie atkins ftw! #
  • @tstarks33 i want sushi, burger, pizza, wings. only place to get all = strip club! #
  • – @ayn toes!!!! warning pic of my toes, dont click if you dont want to see #
  • @chockenberry is there a way to click to directly see the tweet someone is replying to in my t’rrific timeline? #
  • @christmascarol i get them whenever i do steady state runs daily for more than 2 weeks or so. i’ve only ever lost 1 though #
  • ftw while cleaning. Late start to the day #
  • raining cats and dogs… condo bbq in the penthouse party room anyways… #
  • @ayn i use the neutrogena with helioplex stuff. it’s good enough #
  • WORD, executive email carpet bomb of my att/iphone problems got me a response from att. i gave them some more info and they will contact me #
  • @ayn can’t be bothered to spend so much on something that i use so often. plus i think for stuff like that diff is min bw top and very good #
  • hmm, i’m paranoid, maybe the att email means they will target me and i’ll have nothing but problems from now on!!! #
  • @ayn no barney’s near me, there is a co-op though. meh, really dont want to end up spending a lot on sunscreen. what i got is good enough #
  • come on ebayers buy my iphone! haha #
  • Ack this back skin attracts dust be lint like mad and my tiny corner bumps = dust depor #
  • @peterrojas nice I want one but am holding off for them to include BT so I can toss my ps3 remote too #
  • @ayn fuck dude great!!!! #
  • better for iTunes than apple tv #

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