Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-28:

  • i hate the “euro” comp in the #nba. it makes teams overpay for players that don’t deserve it. just when i though the era of crazy was over #
  • going to start using my flip more and imovie (hmm, i’ve said that about my dslr and CS3 too) get ready for cheesy vids of wife and/or dog #
  • @peterrojas i wish i thought buying one would make it easier for the wife to work it all. any rzn you went with harmony 1 vs 880? #
  • @advthry tivoing season 2 premiere right now, might actually watch it now, but likely tomorrow #
  • fixing car window (motor out) will cost me roughly $400…. )= #
  • Just got a call from ATT office of the president or some such re my iPhone ordeal. I didn’t get anything free bit nice to get the call #
  • At mechanic fixing car window will run me approx 300 rather than 400… 25% off! Ha #
  • Mechanic shop is chintzy but near a bunch of nicer costlier ones but a lot of bimmers in the lot so can’t be too bad #
  • Previous gen (e38) 7 series and previous gen 5 (e39) m5 are prob my favorite bmw models #
  • 5/8 corners on iPhone back skin kind of suck considering how to repair if at all #
  • Shop I came to a. Does service for the nearby bmw dealer but also been servicing bmws for 30 years. Good to know #
  • Had to restart phone to get gps lock boo #
  • oh god, i need caffeine SO badly. i’m not a fiend anymore, but i’m used to 2x cups day and right now i’m 2 behind on the da #
  • feeling incredibly lazy. haven’t run since sat. and it’s not going to happen today. cant even do pushups (stupid mousing hand) today… #
  • no exercise either ties right into the “last time to be vain” phase of my life or is the antithesis of it… #
  • @gpoon @ayn @christmascarol i’m down for another challenge for august…. hmm, what to do though? distance again? X runs in the month? #
  • @gpoon anyways i’m always better about running if involved in a “competition” #
  • @gpoon @ayn @christmascarol someone else will have to set it up, i don’t have anyone’s email (august 120m? or train for “speed” in august?) #
  • Haha shower me with your love #

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