Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-30:

  • Dinner with the in laws means appetizers are 5 orders of galbi (Korean ribs). #
  • And I burned the f out of my f #
  • Finger that is #
  • @ayn I have bodyguardz and full body films and already used bodyguardz warranty. And of course mf front film #
  • @ayn you know how much trouble I had but my install is damn near perfect. I’m calling it 96% #
  • @gruber i’ve read a lot of reviews saying “shine a light” is a pretty mediocre doc (though they also all say concert footage is awesome) #
  • caffeine intake has increased substantially over the past week #
  • AT&T ARE FUCKTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • wow, this has got to be insulting: test if you are a woman? #
  • i’m totally pimping monty out: #
  • @siracusa i know, i hate that. plus in the iphone menu in itunes there should be a GUI for arranging iphone home screen how you want #
  • @siracusa also, i should be able to choose to not have stocks, youtube, installed apple apps unless i want. force me to keep saf, ipod, phon #
  • i remember when sales tax holidays were introduced and such a big deal… #
  • Cabbing home bc @wmata having problems on blue/orange lines at Clarendon single tracking through there causing delays #
  • More than anything I want copy paste for iPhone so I can tiny URL or whatever service for my tweets #
  • At professional photographer for fam portrait. Dude shoots nikon. Also said too hard to photoshop out wifey’s braces. #
  • – Hidden bush ashtray! #
  • Mustve used iPhone a lot today. Batt is as low as I’ve had it #
  • Oops the guy is actually shooting fuji finepix not nikon #

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