Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-07-31:

  • Oh: is my outfit to Arlington (by young woman in black polo and khaki pants). #
  • @ayn yeah blue bottle on flickr (there are TONS) #
  • f yeah shimone #
  • @Odenized dunno, pretty good d pre ronnie. and i dont know if he’ll share the ball well with mcgrady and yao #
  • i’m prob late on this, but check yo sunscreens! #
  • wifey about to drive my (read: our) car (manual transmission) for the first time completely solo. only slightly worried #
  • @christmascarol f yeah it does #
  • wifey’s first solo drive = success #
  • i feel like i’m THIS close to going back to 6-8-10 cups of coffee/day. trying to stick to 2, but i’m already at 3 today #
  • @LindsayG ALL DAY i’ve thought that… really messed me up.)= #
  • @LindsayG i have the case too. it’s great. just be sure to get a good seal (no stray hair, lint, etc on the seal). #
  • drnking some coffee from juan valdez cafe #
  • @tstarks33 too late. my soul is black… like my coffee! #
  • rather than strictly gmail web interface, i’m strongly considering moving to these days, if only bc i started using ical lately #
  • iPhone for fucking nothing. Data plan for fucking nothing. You gotta ha fucking kidding me right now #

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