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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-29:

  • redskins suck… #
  • obama – biden signage with serifs, little weird to see the word obama in a serifed typeface #
  • obama-biden using requiem: #
  • seeing both typefaces together looks a little weird: #
  • though i guess hoefler & frere-jones recommends the two as a complimentary set #
  • fuck yeah daniel dae kim (aka jin from lost) at the obama rally at mile high #
  • gore’s tearing it up. nice mix of his message with the obama support. #
  • quick reformat of my time machine drive and time machine workin’ just fine #
  • @peterrojas watching pbs tonight after major networks all week, it’s night and day…. #
  • u2’s stadium rock is appropriate #
  • barack’s wearing a bespoke suit, it shows… #
  • after i synced and had a long backup, i hit sync immediately (0 changes) and have another long backup, wtf? #
  • this is about as good a policy speech as i have ever heard #
  • after the olympics, these pyrotechnics are LACKING #
  • what’s with the under the breath commentary pbs? #
  • is it me or are the pbs ppl out of focus and the background in focus? fix that DOF #
  • i’m in some kind of time warp, yesterday felt like friday. today feels like friday. #
  • today is as slow as yesterday was fast #
  • so obama goes serif for obama/biden, but mccain goes san serif for mccain/palin: #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-28:

  • @holydee can’t ever argue with screen real estate… #
  • @peterrojas is it futura? i’m not an expert, just like font/typesets, but a cursory glance i thought it might be gotham like his first signs #
  • ann curry should not try to be a hard interviewer, i love her, but hot her strong suit #
  • bill’s speech was the one hillary needed to give #
  • a serifed font from obama? for biden? to highlight feelings of security and such? #
  • well superduper running fine, so my external hdd isn’t hosed, must just be my actual time machine backup. time to trash it and start over #
  • – awesomely cute bento boxes via @slashfood #
  • via @slashfood krispy kreme bacon cheddar burger. not going to lie, i’d at least take a bite #
  • @holydee i think they’d be good, savory and sweet in a single bite is good stuff. though i maybe krispy kreme’s are too airy to be good buns #
  • two magazines in a row the post office has totally messed up. i’m half convinced they’re being read first #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-27:

  • At generous georges buying yet another donner #
  • aftermath. Basically can run a marathon with as many carbs as I just loaded. #
  • To be frank not interested in hrc’s speech tonight #
  • @tstarks33 nobody likes you puma = Lieberman nobody likes him either #
  • my macbook is all f-ed up. been preparing a backup for going on 4 hours and my quicksilver locks up every time i open it #
  • crap. i bought dvd blanks instead of cd blanks. i’m way too tired lately #
  • some days you just know #
  • i think my time machine disc is hosed. but i’m not positive, but no real time to troubleshoot it #
  • michael bay and armageddon vindicated! #
  • Leeds certified restaurant in DC coming soon #
  • @holydee i’m dual monitor at work, but don’t have a big problem single at home, but at home i don’t do much of anything save itunes/browser #
  • just finished havana nocturne. a bit of a dry read for such an interesting time. entertaining, but not as gripping as i thought it would be #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-26:

  • Wish I had my camera just walked past a lone bat sleeping clinging to a wall at eye level #
  • it’s MUCH too late for PUMA to rebrand themselves as Party Unity, My America. They got a lot of buss for Party Unity My Ass. #
  • “That’s some bullshit. I’m beating down the Internet as we speak.” —T.I. on the leak of “Swagger Like Us” #
  • It’s a way nice day today. Not work (not that work is bad) but the weather, very very nice #
  • Finally a down hour. Time for some madden #

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Monty likes the Apple Store

So we’ve been walking monty around the neighborhood and testing how dog friendly the places are. Of all the places, he seems most calm and relaxed at the Apple Store. Maybe because it’s cooler (temperature and ambiance) or the music. He did okay at Crate & Barrel but got kind of riled up. He enjoyed both, but definitely preferred Apple. Maybe dogs do take after their owners.

Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-25:

  • @CarolLiang best rendition of the anthem EVER #
  • @CarolLiang also the rumors are that marvin did that no rehearsals, just totally freestyled it #
  • i swear i had the idea of flag poles with air blowing at the top to wave the flag going on 15 years ago or so #
  • @kpereira block out that sun! #
  • “My sisters were sent away because my mother thought they were boring. I was not boring.” – karl lagerfeld #
  • @kpereira is there such a thing as too much sushi? #
  • not even the power of the lolcatz can energize me today #
  • i want a new tattoo #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-24:

  • @ayn need to build a stand doesn’t fit atop my carafe #
  • just interesting to watch dude lose his tan on project runway #
  • the wackness was a decent movie. music was def just the top 40 popular stuff, but def brought back memories #
  • oh lord my night just got a little bit crappier… #
  • Anyone know any good after hours spots on DC or nothern va? #
  • @technotheory is the dancing at the sheraton crystal city? the website is rather uninformative #
  • Sitting at a table with 4 Korean ladies = a lot of random drink guys coming up to my table #
  • Getting a lot of questions about north Korea and whether any of us speak Russian #
  • Sad I’m up at time of gold medal bball and can’t watch. Fuck #
  • @truehoop the meal right now is lightly salted cashews #
  • @truehoop but stale nachos sounds mighty good right now #
  • rogge is a punk #
  • totally passing the buck on china #
  • i’ve had a nosebleed 3-4 days (counting right now) of the past 7 or so, grrr #
  • Wade has to be MVP right? #
  • any site that has blaring audio (or audio to a video) that auto plays is absolute crap and worthy of scorn #
  • on 4 hours of sleep, i will be chippy today #
  • i’m getting a weird thing where holding a full cup of coffee by the handle is giving me pain along the top of my index finger near the base #
  • damn china SMASHED all comers in gold medals, though i suppose we’ll see if 4 or so stand re: gymnasts ages #
  • looking at “selcas” (self portraits) of korean pop stars, seems like they ALL make the same faces for these pics #
  • @jkottke sure you’ve seen but hey: #
  • f yeah USA in the 1904 games! haha nearly 6x as many medals EVERYONE else combined #
  • don’t ask me how it happened but i no longer have my tinyurl applescript. time to do it again, but weird #
  • nevermind, i DO have my tinyurl script, just in my sleep deprived state i forgot what i named it #
  • @closetcaucus my anger/irritability/feeling of being incredibly annoyed from last night. that’s what i’m letting go of today #
  • @holydee alchemist ftw! (that is from that right?) #
  • twinkle just crashed my iphone and caused a os restart that HUNG in the middle of it…wtf #
  • OMG itunes argh! why wont my changes to track info STAY? #
  • @holydee ever since 7.7 it’s nothing but trouble. i love my iphone but damn it’s making some issues for me, apple, you, the world #
  • why is updating apps so slow? #
  • patently stupid of me to expect ppl to exhibit the same amount of consideration i extend ppl #
  • dropped hermes perfume/cologne bottle just cracked a tile in my bathroom. i guess i prefer that to broken bottle of perfume/cologne #
  • Edge of iPhone film caught something and is now peeling back with dust. Might go sans back soon #
  • Zara has like 195366 military inspired jackets. Most look pretty nice #
  • @dooce congrats! #
  • @lindsayg just got told to not take pictures (of my wife and her cousin) in a store. Haha. Bc I’m a corp spy trying to copy the clothes!!! #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-23:

  • @danbenjamin sucks dan, i can’t imagine water damage is ever cheap #
  • anyone got any good suggestions for software to create a movie out of a series of jpegs? #
  • oh for mac #
  • aperture 2 or lightroom? not that i really know how to use either (i barely use ps cs3 beyond acr) #
  • i want to own a sports franchise. which i guess means i want to be very very rich. #
  • 1pm and I’m a little ahead of schedule #
  • tattoos on asians, from nyt “Black looks better on yellow skin,” he said, “and color looks better on pink.” #
  • i think despite tivo, ps3, appletv i might reactivate my netflix account #
  • i spend a disproportionately large amount of money on crap food. #
  • @closetcaucus it certainly looks like it but the weather just has it as cloudy. i hope it doesn’t rain. no umbrella and consumer electronics #
  • @KPB that sounds like an excellent time #
  • @danbenjamin how’s the zi6? lots of good HD footage of fans blowing? #

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