Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-01:

  • So full 2 days in a row I mustve put down like 3 days worth of valorirs #
  • @Odenized i just think sometimes he likes to dominate the ball. i think he thinks he can do what mcgrady does (play wing) and what yao does #
  • omg, wife might’ve lost our flip ultra… #
  • now there’s no might’ve. DID lose #
  • @LindsayG haha, if we knew that it wouldnt be lost… nothing untoward on it… just annoyed by the whole sitch. ugh #
  • @javabeans hmm, you see tea stained denim sometimes, i wonder how a kimchi stained piece of clothing would look… #
  • @ayn i hate you! those back films are a PITA #
  • i have a junk load of top 40 kind of bland pop on my iphone (and itunes library), while not critically good, it’s good white noise for work #
  • i’ve become over the last year or so a third button undone (collar, top, second) on my shirt guy. i also want a down/slightly puffy vest… #
  • i don’t know what i’ve become! down puffy vest? 3 buttons? certainly not the small country mouse from texas… #
  • @ayn so you bought, waited, did PITA install, and then removed?!? nuts man, absolutely nuts #
  • someone’s mixing old (2 years) and new. OH: electing obama is saving the cheerleader… #
  • Woot found flip!! #
  • @lindsayg flip underwater case = uber #
  • @danbenjamin awesome. #
  • @KPB stress of packing worth it for all the beach relaxing #

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