Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-04:

  • hmm, restored from backup, but itunes not recognizing, asking me to setup again #
  • my mac keeps losing my ext HDD (via AeBS) and reverting my iTunes library to my local machine #
  • again, asked for restore from backup… just starting fresh again ugh #
  • iphone issues galore #
  • @LindsayG yeah worth it though. But I certainly had less issues with version 1 #
  • breaking news, this just in: fast food isnt’ healthy for kids! #
  • i hope he’s okay, but voice of god morgan freeman drives a 97 maxima? #
  • when i’m really tired at work, i sit with a coffee and look at random lolcatz for 10 minutes, perks me up #
  • Rather than just play around with it considering going to free apple store class on iMovie. Haha #
  • @danbenjamin suck dan. I had a lot of probs with syncing yesterday had to restore and then had problems again ended up restoring like 3x #
  • @danbenjamin exactly what happened to me last night. it was unnerving til i decided just to go new phone route #
  • almost that time… #
  • – At some point I’ll get tired of taking pics of smart cars #

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