Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-05:

  • First time in my life I’ve seen a white guy smoking a black and nikd #
  • Updated to 2.0.1 seems fine no lag on contacts. But wordpress says can’t be installed in iTunes but whatevs #
  • why does itunes suck so much? wtf with app updates? #
  • also, i should be able to do some things in the background as itunes updates things #
  • not that i’m unhappy with the itunes universe… i’m just ornery from being to full from dinner #
  • @LindsayG love the calvin and hobbes (own every book ever published and the complete hardbound anthology) #
  • 2.0.1 laggy keyboard FAIL #
  • hmm, increasing caffeine intake these days = headache. not enough caffeine = headache. friggin’ goldilock-ing my coffee #
  • i should just cut caffeine, but i just bought some nice beehouse drippers (ala bluebottle) #
  • @Veronica dunno about espresso, but 36oz (3 cups) of black coffee today has surely improved my mood #
  • ever since i was a little kid i wanted to do this: #
  • @LindsayG my good friend @tstarks33 worked at the ESA awhile back, there used to be a closet full of games. it was teh awesome. #
  • @danbenjamin any updates on your airme issues? happen again? i used once just fine, but after your problem, i took off my phone #
  • fail itunes, fail #
  • – anyone know how to delete extra email in itunes? already deleted from and iphone #
  • bought app from iphone, synced, saw it “copy”, but it’s not in my itunes app list. weird #

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