Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-06:

  • @ayn have fun man! #
  • – This is one comfortable dog #
  • – monty will never die! i’m starting to save my pennies! #
  • @guykawasaki guy, crocs should be illegal. we should pile them all in big public squares and set fire to them #
  • @CarolLiang jealous! do the bioluminescent lagoons ( oh and def do the 10k there! #
  • i’m anti the bastardization of calvin and hobbes. bill watterson didn’t want it, neither do i. but here: via giz. #
  • @danbenjamin @gruber i want that zi6. it was on the gadget blogs a few weeks back and i forgot about it, but AA batts + HD = win #
  • @danbenjamin listening to talk show #25 now. live octopus is the friggin’ tops! i try to eat it once a month at least #
  • @gruber honestly thought the sign off was going to be you doing the “bah-nwer” (damn that’s hard to phonetically spell) sad sound #
  • i’ve decided relying on tons and tons of coffee isn’t all that bad. and by beehouse ceramic drip coffee makers are out for delivery! #
  • not the best idea to save a 6.5mb pic to your iphone photo roll #
  • so we have to have social web for dog named after each svc? dogster, dogbook (or whatev the fb is) and now this #
  • @danbenjamin i guess i’m nonstandard “sequel” #
  • @LindsayG whew! for the past month (pre new iphone) i’ve had an irrational fear that i’d drop my phone off various balconies by accident #
  • @kristenking jailbreak then there are a few apps. but officially, as far as i’m aware there is no solution for that #
  • @ryanblock you mean you want a 1 hour special produced by nike that doesn’t even mention darfur but talks about “time to focus on basketball #
  • @kristenking jailbreak is easy and “living on the edge” is fun. waiting to update to see if it breaks jailbreak is not fun #
  • @kristenking fwiw, i didn’t jailbreak the 3g, i did the v1 iphone for a bit though #
  • counting the minutes til i blow this pop stand, get outta dodge, and every other cliched saying for leaving #

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