Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-09:

  • the olympic venues are what architecture should look like. why are we mostly in bland glass towers? #
  • these drummers are fucked up impressive. even if sometimes the smiles are creepy big #
  • i want my tv as big as those lcd panels on the ground #
  • @peterrojas congrats again! #
  • that cg boat looks weak! shoulda hired pixar or dreamworks or someone #
  • @jkottke spot on comment on losing lauer, costas, and the chinese expert guy. #
  • they couldn’t get sponsors to run the opening ceremonies either commercial free or with limited commercial interruptions? #
  • one of my big issues with the flip is that when plugged into my macbook, the bottom is lower than the computer #
  • i TOTALLY had the idea of a flagpole with a blower attached so the flag is always majestically waving like 10 years ago!!!! #
  • how did the chinese expert just say the performers are doing KARATE????!??!!! #
  • is it wrong that i find it sad that korea just doesn’t sweep taekwondo? #
  • @CarolLiang as long as it’s not a brown recluse bite, if you feel like being disturbed search for it on youtube #
  • yao is big #
  • wtf? is bernie mac dead or not? no one is reporting it. everyone pointing to the sun-times story. a lot of places with stories have removed #
  • RIP bernie mac… what a talent… #

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