Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-10:

  • phelps is a machine #
  • @Veronica third goal by italy v SK soccer was PATHETIC on SK’s part. SK’s national team is better than their olympic team #
  • are the olympics WORTH installing silverlight on my macbook? #
  • – He never sleeps with/by/near me anymore #
  • the nba on nbc theme!!! i love it! written by john tesh of all ppl #
  • – Getting a little too sunny for them #
  • i think coach k should play boozer more. he knows him, but more than that booz is the mix of dwight’s mean and bosh’s finesse. #
  • okay, stop shooting 3’s what’s that 1/10, 1/11? #
  • everyone was concerned with kobe’s ego through the games, but he is in heaven, teammates on his level… all he ever wanted #
  • @LindsayG not on a lazy sunday! i am trying to put together a lazy sunday morning mix. (btw, you shoot a d60? for some rzn i thought d40) #
  • great commercial with the BEST anthem rendition (marvin ftw!!!) by nike. but come on, not nike or not, show dwight… #
  • the anthem: #
  • Did Deron want to dunk on Yao more bc the team kept talking about Paul dunking on Howard? #
  • Weak sauce bush! Stay for the whole game! #
  • On court Kobe looks slender. Walking through hordes of Chinese looks buff as hell #
  • whatever composite wood the floor is made of for olympic weightlifting, i want it in my home #
  • oh noes out shopping with visiting relatives and I’m close to red battery! #
  • Word free mall wifi! #
  • Idrops = lifesaver. And WTF with everyone dying? Rip Isaac hayes #
  • – Put on my new sneakers. This plus my white polo and seersucker shorts are my go USA Olympic outfit #

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