Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-11:

  • – Korean meets Tex-Mex for dinner #
  • phone is syncing, but it says i have no service and itunes says my phone number is n/a #
  • after calling phelps the best swimmer in the world he promptly came in 3rd, after the south korean swimmer, much to the wife’s delight #
  • @CarolLiang @jkottke best moment of the olympics thus far #
  • hmm, frenchies adi warmups look nicer than the usa nike warmups #
  • of course, oil drops to recent lows and all of a sudden back up $2 bc of fears from russia. #
  • “It’s not a major oil producer, but there are major transport links to Europe through that region.” #
  • the world is being manipulated by puppetmasters #
  • @LindsayG podcast linkage! #
  • currently on a morrissey kick #
  • we need a gmail fail whale! #
  • gmail imap is down too. my iphone won’t let me delete email #
  • happened last week too? #
  • #
  • woot! into gmail (clicked on link at top from igoogle) #
  • gmail don’t ever scare me like that again.. even though you are “beta” #
  • @CarolLiang it seems the outage was rolling and i guess the fix is too? hopefully soon for you! #
  • “Top-Rated Error 502 Fix. Free Download. 100% Guaranteed.” the top sponsored link n the google group discussion page for the current outage #
  • gmail still failing, sending multiple copies, despite saying not sent.. someone hurry and mock up gmail fail whale #
  • – not exactly what i had in mind, but close #
  • i want a gmail fail whale like this mobile me one: #
  • my gmail seems to be working like normal now #

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