Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-14:

  • i know it’s her name and all, but europe’s “carrie” is a crap song to play during a beach volleyball match #
  • @LindsayG so random and kind of gross, kind of neat. i’m not going to lie, i kind of want to buy it just to see. #
  • @gruber in imax i presume? #
  • @ayn not a question of if starbux sucks in china too. the question is does it taste the same? if so, they’re doing their job. #
  • ack! monty peed in our bed AGAIN this morning. AFTER i took him out. #
  • – carmelo anthony shouts out skype #
  • If I have a guest with somewhat limited English skills which is better: pineapple express or tropical thunder? #
  • – Looks like storms about to roll in over dc #
  • if i ever start a band (or maybe the title of a new blog) it’ll be either ampersand syntax or syntax ampersand. actual use of & as alt name #
  • @LindsayG what’s “ur”? uhrrrrr? errrr? haha, what’s a wiki, that’s funny. #

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