Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-15:

  • I did my best to do a michael phelps dinner. I don’t deelso good nowhaha #
  • @danbenjamin nice dan. with you and @gruber having them, i expect to hear a few mins on it in TTS. #
  • fed, venus, serena all out of the olympics? sheesh #
  • @danbenjamin that’s great! look forward to it. did you guys both get black? or white? one each? #
  • @tstarks33 acquiring now. if it sucks, you owe me $5 #
  • @tstarks33 there are plenty of movies I like and $5 is the disappoint @seoulfully tsc #
  • @joshuatopolsky ooh g4 towers would work well as my “media server” hmmm #
  • surprise surprise, a probowl vet signs with the patriots (though i thought lynch might go to the colts, given dungy) #
  • – i should put monty on my next device, since it’s apparently do-able, and been done #
  • Tris >>>> tetris. And not just bc it’s free #
  • @danbenjamin i’m assume firmware 347 and not 345. i’m pretty sure since the second wave of inventory it was 347 #
  • @CarolLiang oh yeah? it’s jcrew’s “hip” line right? i want to take the woman there this weekend #
  • does anyone know if/where i can buy a lid without a press for a bodum 8 cup beaker? #
  • @danbenjamin oh yeah, 2.0.1… forgot that 345/347 was 2.0… enjoying the phone so far? #

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