Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-16:

  • there isn’t a better technology for track and field/gymnastics numbers than safety pins and tyvek? #
  • rewteet @MacDivaONA i no longer think i can eat michael phelps daily diet: #
  • @LindsayG so very admirable, i bring workout gear on trips, very rarely does it get used… #
  • OMG phelps… i swear it didn’t look like it was going to happen #
  • WOW #
  • holy shit that slow mo shot was amazing #
  • @danbenjamin yep, it is. #
  • – mike vick is in a bad place, and where the F was his agent during all of this? #
  • sad i’m not getting the live olympic feed at work #
  • @LindsayG i will go home… in like 7 hours. so so sad. #
  • maybe bc i’m working, but despite beautiful weather, i feel like sprawling on the couch, curtains drawn, and taking in a a movie. #
  • but i should take advantage of weather. though by the time i leave the office, the sun will already be starting to go down #
  • @javabeans rock the michael phelps 12k diet for the day. eat it all #
  • 90% sure i’m picking up madden 09 on the way home from the office. chance i play it more than 10 times before madden 2010 comes out = 5% #
  • – Jack A. Weil reported inventor of what we now know as the “pearl snap shirt” RIP #

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