Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-17:

  • street kings is kind of like a crazier training day #
  • popcorn buff chicken bits plus half bag of baked lays all at 1am = stomachache and self-loathing #
  • Delaware fucking sux #
  • iPhone map gps >>>>> highway signs #
  • I hate shitty highway signs that articially funnel you into bullshit small towns. Ugh #
  • @CarolLiang fan of darjeerling but Anderson gets more and more wrapped up in his worlds #
  • Boo edge only at the DE beaches #
  • Ridic obnoxious kid next to me yelling out each and every fucking move in her UNO game. #
  • – Really? The most racially cartoony typeset for a sushi joint #
  • @LindsayG I’ve been asked to stop taking pics in many many stores. It’s annoying and I’m not sure how enforceable #
  • I really need to redo some playlist ish for the phone #

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