Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-20:

  • allyson fenix is attractive. the commentator is right, she has a slight hitch in her running, but i dont know if it’s natural or new #
  • where are the speedo LZR-like track and field suits? #
  • @sidneylo yeah, i just figure the limits of human body are close to being met, so shoes and clothes are the things that can be improved #
  • @sidneylo hey will your WAYWT exhibition ever be online? is it already, i’m not in touch with sufu that much if it’s already been noted #
  • does usain bolt EVER run hard? does he ever have to? #
  • @iamshimone f yeah, 100% of my twitter spam today were those 6figureteam bitches #
  • Today’s goal: rate every song I listen to on my iPhone. #
  • CRIKEY, usain, insane, whatever all the rhymes and poems, that WR seemed unassailable, but diam #
  • @holydee seriously, it exploded after @veronica tweeted it. but as a meme it thankfully rose and fell very quickly. #
  • @kpereira all about the tweet daily digest on the blog, a short, if imperfect solution #
  • via @consumerist, already christmas trees (fake ones obv) on sale. in AUGUST. #
  • i need to really learn when i’m full and when i’m full in my head. former fat kid rules my apetite too much #
  • so jacked up… #
  • oh last tweet was via nymag re: mtv new model contest #
  • retweet @myzuk godfather i and ii back on the big screen… so great #
  • post 2.0.2 i’ve not been able to pull up a full non mobile website on my iphone over 3g other than the NYT site #
  • btw, convinced the nyt site is iphone optimized, but made to look like the normal site #
  • i dont have a huge legion of followers, but i still have 1 mangayourface icon in the group.. #

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