Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-21:

  • @kpereira the cropped look is nice man. ain’t no thing, it grows back, though being a TV personality i suppose a bigger deal #
  • @sidneylo yeah i might. i get no signal a ton, then full 3g, etc. for actual phone signal 2.0 was the best for me. but who knows why #
  • OH MOTHERFUCKING CRAP, just bought 2 busy sync licenses by accident #
  • student loan payment just went up this month.. sigh #
  • @ayn honestly it was one of those idiot things, i dont know how it got 2 in the number of license part. #
  • picking songs to back video is not an easy task #
  • doing stuff in imovie makes me want to use iphoto (i dont save jpgs only raw, jpgs to flickr). i guess jobs wins #
  • @holydee boo. mac ftw! actually while i prefer macs, i’m not a windows hater. and i don’t even pc game #
  • i really want that kodak zi6, but i may just wait until my next trip or something, no need to pick it up for random vids of the doggie. #
  • oh, and that flip video waterproof case, while having a stupid design flaw, is great. gotten much use out of it this summer #
  • the lack of willpower i’m displaying lately is simply stunning #
  • @danbenjamin i forget if you have the ultra too, or if that was just @gruber, at any rate i look forward to reading or hearing about it #
  • i want to buy a bodum double walled glass beaker just to hold the coffee i make, i don’t want the actual full on french press #
  • failing miserably in my attempt to rate my music as it plays. i guess i’ll auto-rate it. though it is very imperfect #
  • @danbenjamin i’m the same way with a buddy of mine. never fails, one buys, the other follows. tvs, macs, ipods, movies, etc #
  • @danbenjamin for me and buddy, overlapping interests + vocal enthusiasm = dual purchases #
  • I just had to do a hard reset (not turn off and on, just hold home and power til it shut off) to get 3g to work on my iPhone #
  • ANOTHER hard reset to try to fix 3g. going to do a restore today when i get home #
  • why do so many women love lotion with such STRONG, overpowering scents? #
  • just did a restore of iphone and now itunes keeps hanging when i try to sync. oh well #
  • @kpereira please say you are going to sigourney in alien, natalie in v for vendetta her. she’s hot as is, but would be awesome #
  • anyone know how to delete synced mail accts from itunes (extra email addys in info pane of iphone in itunes) #
  • Trying to eat my bodyweight in sushi. #

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