Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-22:

  • – Memes runnin’ wild #
  • @kpereira perhaps you do and i just don’t know, but you should most definitely have a dennis miller style rant like this one every week #
  • @kpereira fuckin’ mcribs were the best! #
  • @peterrojas who’s russell brand? time to google/wiki #
  • @danbenjamin given the crazy rain, here’s to hoping you actually get your zi6 as scheduled. #
  • @holydee on every holy in my life, i need those cards, by the THOUSANDS #
  • restore in itunes seemed to have solved my iphone connection issues so far #
  • tweeting just to lose the annoucement of new blog post from my status #
  • fortune from cookie after downing sugar, sodium, msg for lunch: Good health will be yours for a long time. #
  • i guess restore didn’t solve my 3g connection issues. #
  • btw, along with nytimes, i’m convinced apple’s homepage is optimized for iphone, but designed to look like regular web homepage #
  • most mobile sites loading, albeit slowly. #
  • – I guess AT&T really wants 2.0.2 to clear up connection issues #
  • via @truehoop slamming rogge for slamming usain #
  • this time of day = coffee + lolcatz #
  • I need a tada list iPhone app! #
  • at costco finished shopping eat a crap slice of pizza that tastes like America! #
  • @kpereira are you going to wear a neck brace or something on AOTS #
  • rockin’ the 50/1.4 to walk around with for a few days know my 24-70 covers the same range with near the same sharpness, but easier to carry #
  • @peterrojas after that vid of the guy stuck in the elevator for 41 hours or whatever, elevator industry is pretty interesting #
  • @guykawasaki still think they should be burned in a big pile in public squares #
  • i kind of want an indo board, but i know it’d only keep me entertained for roughly 8 minutes #

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