Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-24:

  • @ayn need to build a stand doesn’t fit atop my carafe #
  • just interesting to watch dude lose his tan on project runway #
  • the wackness was a decent movie. music was def just the top 40 popular stuff, but def brought back memories #
  • oh lord my night just got a little bit crappier… #
  • Anyone know any good after hours spots on DC or nothern va? #
  • @technotheory is the dancing at the sheraton crystal city? the website is rather uninformative #
  • Sitting at a table with 4 Korean ladies = a lot of random drink guys coming up to my table #
  • Getting a lot of questions about north Korea and whether any of us speak Russian #
  • Sad I’m up at time of gold medal bball and can’t watch. Fuck #
  • @truehoop the meal right now is lightly salted cashews #
  • @truehoop but stale nachos sounds mighty good right now #
  • rogge is a punk #
  • totally passing the buck on china #
  • i’ve had a nosebleed 3-4 days (counting right now) of the past 7 or so, grrr #
  • Wade has to be MVP right? #
  • any site that has blaring audio (or audio to a video) that auto plays is absolute crap and worthy of scorn #
  • on 4 hours of sleep, i will be chippy today #
  • i’m getting a weird thing where holding a full cup of coffee by the handle is giving me pain along the top of my index finger near the base #
  • damn china SMASHED all comers in gold medals, though i suppose we’ll see if 4 or so stand re: gymnasts ages #
  • looking at “selcas” (self portraits) of korean pop stars, seems like they ALL make the same faces for these pics #
  • @jkottke sure you’ve seen but hey: #
  • f yeah USA in the 1904 games! haha nearly 6x as many medals EVERYONE else combined #
  • don’t ask me how it happened but i no longer have my tinyurl applescript. time to do it again, but weird #
  • nevermind, i DO have my tinyurl script, just in my sleep deprived state i forgot what i named it #
  • @closetcaucus my anger/irritability/feeling of being incredibly annoyed from last night. that’s what i’m letting go of today #
  • @holydee alchemist ftw! (that is from that right?) #
  • twinkle just crashed my iphone and caused a os restart that HUNG in the middle of it…wtf #
  • OMG itunes argh! why wont my changes to track info STAY? #
  • @holydee ever since 7.7 it’s nothing but trouble. i love my iphone but damn it’s making some issues for me, apple, you, the world #
  • why is updating apps so slow? #
  • patently stupid of me to expect ppl to exhibit the same amount of consideration i extend ppl #
  • dropped hermes perfume/cologne bottle just cracked a tile in my bathroom. i guess i prefer that to broken bottle of perfume/cologne #
  • Edge of iPhone film caught something and is now peeling back with dust. Might go sans back soon #
  • Zara has like 195366 military inspired jackets. Most look pretty nice #
  • @dooce congrats! #
  • @lindsayg just got told to not take pictures (of my wife and her cousin) in a store. Haha. Bc I’m a corp spy trying to copy the clothes!!! #

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