Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-27:

  • At generous georges buying yet another donner #
  • aftermath. Basically can run a marathon with as many carbs as I just loaded. #
  • To be frank not interested in hrc’s speech tonight #
  • @tstarks33 nobody likes you puma = Lieberman nobody likes him either #
  • my macbook is all f-ed up. been preparing a backup for going on 4 hours and my quicksilver locks up every time i open it #
  • crap. i bought dvd blanks instead of cd blanks. i’m way too tired lately #
  • some days you just know #
  • i think my time machine disc is hosed. but i’m not positive, but no real time to troubleshoot it #
  • michael bay and armageddon vindicated! #
  • Leeds certified restaurant in DC coming soon #
  • @holydee i’m dual monitor at work, but don’t have a big problem single at home, but at home i don’t do much of anything save itunes/browser #
  • just finished havana nocturne. a bit of a dry read for such an interesting time. entertaining, but not as gripping as i thought it would be #

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