Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-28:

  • @holydee can’t ever argue with screen real estate… #
  • @peterrojas is it futura? i’m not an expert, just like font/typesets, but a cursory glance i thought it might be gotham like his first signs #
  • ann curry should not try to be a hard interviewer, i love her, but hot her strong suit #
  • bill’s speech was the one hillary needed to give #
  • a serifed font from obama? for biden? to highlight feelings of security and such? #
  • well superduper running fine, so my external hdd isn’t hosed, must just be my actual time machine backup. time to trash it and start over #
  • – awesomely cute bento boxes via @slashfood #
  • via @slashfood krispy kreme bacon cheddar burger. not going to lie, i’d at least take a bite #
  • @holydee i think they’d be good, savory and sweet in a single bite is good stuff. though i maybe krispy kreme’s are too airy to be good buns #
  • two magazines in a row the post office has totally messed up. i’m half convinced they’re being read first #

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