Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-29:

  • redskins suck… #
  • obama – biden signage with serifs, little weird to see the word obama in a serifed typeface #
  • obama-biden using requiem: #
  • seeing both typefaces together looks a little weird: #
  • though i guess hoefler & frere-jones recommends the two as a complimentary set #
  • fuck yeah daniel dae kim (aka jin from lost) at the obama rally at mile high #
  • gore’s tearing it up. nice mix of his message with the obama support. #
  • quick reformat of my time machine drive and time machine workin’ just fine #
  • @peterrojas watching pbs tonight after major networks all week, it’s night and day…. #
  • u2’s stadium rock is appropriate #
  • barack’s wearing a bespoke suit, it shows… #
  • after i synced and had a long backup, i hit sync immediately (0 changes) and have another long backup, wtf? #
  • this is about as good a policy speech as i have ever heard #
  • after the olympics, these pyrotechnics are LACKING #
  • what’s with the under the breath commentary pbs? #
  • is it me or are the pbs ppl out of focus and the background in focus? fix that DOF #
  • i’m in some kind of time warp, yesterday felt like friday. today feels like friday. #
  • today is as slow as yesterday was fast #
  • so obama goes serif for obama/biden, but mccain goes san serif for mccain/palin: #

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