Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-04:

  • where are the minorities #RNC? #
  • as expected #rnc = bash/attack obama not talk about themselves #
  • which ones the one that is 5 months pregnant? #
  • mccain’s faced graver challenges than leading the country #
  • really? a whole family bio… #
  • @DCTenor1 sounds kind of like a bad north dakota/fargo accent #
  • what’s with the random photo montage background #rnc #
  • time for someone to create the john mccain flip flop video montage #
  • those are three things the repubs don’t do palin #
  • “back on the side of the people [who support palin]” #
  • boy she thought she was going to get some applause there “SENATOR MCCAIN…” #
  • does she really want to talk about the earmarks already covered so much in the news? #
  • do you think everyone at #rnc constantly tries to delude themselves and spin the ever increasing palin discoveries by the news? #
  • uh-oh palin, show off the results of your foreign policy cram sessions… #
  • is it possible repubs like palin (crazy/inexperienced/etc or not) more than mccain? #
  • of course all those ppl she just listed wouldn’t likely pay more taxes bc you know they aren’t the super rich #
  • this isn’t a speech, it’s just a recitation of republican talking points + their ads #
  • BREAKING NEWS— John McCain has a military service record! #
  • is the bf/husband smackin on some gum? #
  • i’m not convinced john mccain isn’t an animatronic robot circa 1989 from a disney ride #
  • gwen ifill: “pent up excitement… exploded all over the place tonight…” #
  • @peterrojas @ryanblock this is great guys. much luck, and i’ll be listening. #
  • @peterrojas & @ryanblock, you guys don’t sound the same, but i’d say get ready for emails saying ppl can’t tell your voices apart #
  • @ryanblock stick with audio. maybe once in awhile a video. #
  • i’ve been video editing for 1 day in imovie and have already decided it’s too limited and am moving up to FCE #
  • Missing the game! At grocery store! TiVo hopefully working. #
  • What’s she doing over there for a year? Teaching English? #

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