Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-07:

  • fresh off a cut they totally jacked him up #
  • wow commercials in favor of HFCS?! #
  • @LindsayG oh no! that sucks LG #
  • @wonryong if you haven’t found it yet, #
  • @iamshimone making good use of picture by picture function of my lcd tv #
  • my Sunday. Split screen and MacBook right next to me #
  • I know just vs the rams but the eagles look good. So eagles giants look good in NFC east. I still take my boys over them though #
  • shit brady down? there goes NE’s season if it’s serious #
  • i think the rams are worse than the eagles are better (though the eagles look good). and that 2nd td by the jets was RIDIC #
  • @ayn f yeah it is. hell they are, all of them are up there. keepin’ it classy thanks to you #
  • is it bad i’m looking forward to “hole in the wall” on fox? #
  • backup on itunes is worse than EVER #
  • @danbenjamin not sure, maybe all of them are the 5th element, any one of them would’ve done the job, it just happened to be leelo #
  • it’s a fitting honor, but those gene upshaw patches are kind of ugle #
  • ugly even #
  • i think your earlier leelo dna + human tech (or using human dna sequences to fill in gaps) = her end form #
  • @danbenjamin but now i’m totally going to hulu the 5th element tomorrow to seek out clues #
  • @danbenjamin whenever it’s on tnt or something, i always leave it on. but now i’ll be watching a little more carefully #
  • @danbenjamin i’m giving it 2 episodes (unless ep 1 is just that bad). jj abrams said it wasn’t going to be lost like serial, but also not.. #
  • @danbenjamin … monster of the week either. so here’s to hoping #
  • i’m 2 eps behind in mad men, which means, being sunday, i’m 3 eps behind in mad men. )= #

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