Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-08:

  • @myzuk dude, tommie harris… a screamin’ eagle from ellison!!!! #
  • is the LB coach of the bears korean? #
  • lloyd lee, lb coach of the bears, is korean #
  • today = tired. envious of @iamshimone’s site, it’s great and makes me totally want to copy it #
  • office coffee tasting bad today #
  • finally watching the RNC “9/11 tribute” video. am aghast. unbelievable #
  • iphone call out keeps failing. despite “more bars” ugh #
  • @LindsayG they (RED) are making a prosumer version and a dlsr!!!! check the coverage at wired. #
  • anyone else’s at&t 3g down (i’m in DC)? #
  • just twitter searched, it’s down, supposedly back between 4-6pm #
  • @LindsayG i’ve watched that hundreds of times since it dropped. both the skating and the video (tech) is awesome #
  • After re-watching the red footage been salivating over the red scarlet all afternoon #
  • @danbenjamin i think the 5th element was something diff, under armor (even the statue/pic looked vaguely human) #
  • @danbenjamin unless humans just arrogant and made 5th element in our own image. #
  • Just has some little college chick try and punk me on the sidewalk #
  • Southern gentleman in me let her pass without incident #
  • @deuxdoom being a lawyer sucks #

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