Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-10:

  • @iamshimone @ayn all my music is on ext so itunes itself is useless to me unless i’m at home. genius is alright. oh, the alternative pic (= #
  • @SelfEdge nah kiya, i told @ayn today after watching the coolhunting vid you and some SF sufu’ers should do a podcast #
  • itunes fail #
  • @ayn fancy fancy nice new ipod just to house your lossless, who are you, karl lagerfeld ( (= #
  • @closetcaucus be an out in the open mac users, we’re a nicer bunch #
  • itunes now with more fail: #
  • @closetcaucus that is very true (and if you had to, you could on your mac). no TV? admirable! (i do love my tv, even if i dont love tv) #
  • misssing fringe, oh well #
  • @jkottke your best show poll absolutely impossible, how do you compare johnny with mash with AD with 60 min. impossible! #
  • anyone who’s done (i’m STILL sending info to apple) can you genius off a few songs to get a single playlist or just one? #
  • more fail. damn. #
  • itunes store down for everyone or just me? #
  • magnetosphere is pretty cool. i have minor quibbles, but dope nonetheless #
  • in case you hadn’t heard with visualizer (magnetosphere) hit ‘?’ to get options #
  • i’m so happy for HD in itunes tv shows #
  • $36.99 for lost HD season pass in itunes. woot! #
  • watching the office on tbs. i always forget how much i really do love this show when i’m not watching it #
  • boo muxtape still down, i guess i live with favtape for the time being #
  • i absolutely can’t stand and dont understand backups for iphone. i backup, sync, add 4 songs to itunes, sync, why am i backing up and why… #
  • so incredibly slow? #
  • @deuxdoom haha, i say from experience #
  • apparently 2.1 apps retain space vs being moved after update. thank god. #
  • i’m just tired of food. #
  • @peterrojas I watched Sunday. I think the kill bill siren wail needs to go and that it should be a mini game in another game show. #
  • holding off upgrading camera body til i see what RED has up its sleeve #

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