Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-11:

  • @LindsayG bikini designer ashley paige? #
  • @LindsayG i won’t pry into your biz, but dope #
  • considering a night at the hotel palomar dc this weekend so me and the missus can stay out late after a wedding (and not worry about monty) #
  • the theme of this season’s project runway is don’t listen to tim gunn. idiots. #
  • – Shoe/cobbler fail #
  • @danbenjamin as you know, and everyone says, the 50/1.8 is a great lens and a ridiculously good deal. (though i opted for the 1.4) #
  • @danbenjamin i suppose i should read bottom up, going nikon on us? #
  • watching “the rachel zoe project” the most amazing thing is how HUGE a venti starbucks looks in her hand. like a toddler holding a coke can #

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