Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-12:

  • @LindsayG lucky ducky, i’ve been on the hunt for polaroid (and cam), but then having to “conserve” the film kind of takes away the fun #
  • i’m starving. all i’ve eaten today is a few handfuls of cashews. but it’s after 10 and i dont think i’m going to eat now. )= #
  • @ryanblock f yeah, i’ve missed album shuffle on my iphone. use some of that one of the most important in tech/gadget pull of yours… #
  • god palin was a hot mess in her interview with gibson. i’m glad it wasn’t just softballs from charlie #
  • you can see russia from alaska! oh, she’s got my vote #
  • she’s tossing out names of foreign heads of state left and right! SMART #
  • god i’ve seen HS debaters better than palin #
  • it’s clear they gave her 2 talking points per issues and she just repeats them over and over #
  • btw, remember, don’t blink! #
  • palin appears to suffer from dunning-kruger effect ( #
  • does 2.1 install wipe data (restore)? #
  • shake to shuffle in 2.1? #
  • @ryanblock & @peterrojas will there be a 2.1 addendum to gdgt002? (even though PR isn’t an iphone guy) #
  • i can listen (rather than watch) a lot of shows, movie, but you def lose a lot if you do that with “the office” #
  • 9.55 #
  • 2.1 update error (-19) argh #
  • itunes hangs, force quit, unplug iphone, start from scratch, now backing up to do a restore (rather than upgrade) per @iamshimone’s advice #
  • @sidneylo diam, just the iphone 3g. everything prior was golden! but yeah, this sucks #
  • @ayn this is one lawyer who embraces tech (though as an iphone guy, i’m not into the BB) #
  • ssssss-llllll-ooooo-wwwww backup before the restore to 2.1 (and i still have the wifey’s phone to do) #
  • damn, backup + restore + reload media = a damn long time #
  • @ayn i usually just update but @iamshimone’s advice from apple genius #
  • but i am restoring from the backup i made #
  • 2.1 isn;t that much faster installing my apps. sigh, i’m just resigning myself to having a shitty iphone experience #
  • though, admittedly, my itunes lib is on an ext drive and connecting to it wirelessly #
  • @iamshimone well i’m def doing it from now on, i have a lot of random probs now and then so worth the “clean install” #
  • 325/2074 much time remaining #
  • @peterrojas is it going to be late in the day like this one normally (not that i mind, just trying to plan my fri listening sched) #
  • wow, the number of twitter spammers following me grows every day. #
  • i enjoy mythbusters so much #
  • @sidneylo hence the reason i’ve kept my head buzzed for almost 5 years now #
  • @sidneylo but also i cut my hair more bc my mom was a barber once and i have vacuum clippers (no cleanup ftw) #
  • @DCTenor1 why? you are just as qualified as the potential (and let’s be honest if elected likely pres) VP, palin, as you are right now. #

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