Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-13:

  • @LindsayG i was disappointed in ray’s hell burger. my goto place (if only for proximity) is big buns grill in ballston #
  • @ryanblock haha well recording on thurs, mix for fri pm is quite the turnaround time, either way i really enjoy it, thanx for doing it #
  • MF-er! after update my icons are all out of order, i guess keeping place only happens POST 2.1 argh #
  • wow backup, sync is a lot faster in 2.1 now #
  • @danbenjamin moved up in equip pretty quick, the XTi is fairly new too right? #
  • @sidneylo i actually bought one of those waistband stretchers just for this situation (though i haven’t gotten new denim in a LONG time) #
  • MY DOG IS MISSING A NIPPLE! (or has an extra one) regardless, he has an odd number of nipples!!!!!! #
  • @ayn bah, who has that kind of time anymore? #
  • @ryanblock be careful what comes out on the other end of your cat AFTER oil-cured olives #
  • @danbenjamin for sure, my XTi is just over a year too, but waiting to see what RED announces before i look to upgrade, though staying cannon #
  • @DCTenor1 don’t forget the lyrics is much better than (not even sure if it was renewed) nbc’s the singing bee #
  • anyone know why i get a sms notification on my iphone when i receive email from a specific (and only one) contact? #
  • @DCTenor1 well is it impartial if it’s true? #
  • @guykawasaki come on nascar is the first site on f-1.alltop? #
  • Wedding photogs chimped every pic #

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