Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-14:

  • @LindsayG I like rocketbar #
  • @peterrojas what?!? Damn… #
  • Wedding photog didn’t turn off his pocket wizard or whatever and now have random flashes in the dining room even though he’s shooting dancin #
  • There are some dancin’ FOOLS put there. Wow. But kudos to the dj doing a bang up job #
  • @sidneylo I was amazed how well the integration of widescreen and IMAX full screen occurred #
  • @peterrojas b simmons made a point that they are coachable so at least fine but I didn’t watch tonight, but Brady manning were decemt #
  • @LindsayG i used to, but it got a little sad and then i stopped. now i check just every now and then #
  • so here we have a german style beer named after fidel Castro? #
  • has ANYONE completed more 3rd and ridic or 4th and ridic pass plays than brett favre? diam #
  • i just watched the only 15 minutes of gossip girl i think i’ll ever watch #
  • randy moss looking a bit like he’s about to toss it in on the matt cassel era #
  • @dcconcierge wonder how the uptown matches up to imax, esp for TDK, which has some imax footage #
  • WOW san diego… superchargers… #
  • just burned the HELL out of the top of my mouth #

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