Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-15:

  • so just looked at the gs cookie order form in the kitchen: here i get samoas (ftw) and not caramel de-lites. also new dulce de leche cookie #
  • @rblock, listening to gdgt002. if i had 5 xbox360’s that rrod’d, i’d give up on the platform, no matter what i thought of the games #
  • @rblock @peterrojas i’m convinced netbooks are going to be the running tease/joke of gdgt podcasts… #
  • i get a pause/skip in podcast playback in 2.1 when i move from menu to menu (e.g. ipod to home screen), doesn’t happen with music though #
  • i think i’m taking my iphone to the apple store to try to score a new one. my reception is TERRIBLE #
  • go try to exchange iphone and catch up to the cowboys game via tivo? or go do iphone stuff tomorrow? decisions decisions #
  • if/when i get new iphone, i want to just do a fresh install, rather than install from backup, but am sad to lose my high score idrops #
  • wtf @twitpic, where’s my pic, sent that mess nearly 20 minutes ago #
  • – This is going to apple store tonight #
  • – This is going to apple store tonight #
  • – This is going to apple store tonight #
  • secure erase says 2 HOURS on iphone, i thought it used to be 1… here’s to hoping faster so i can go to apple store before the dal/phil gam #
  • is there a kbd shortcut to hide skitch if you dont have it in the dock, but only menubar? #
  • hd itunes tv shows on atv are just okay pq #
  • still securely deleting… argh #

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