Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-16:

  • apple store/genius bar FAIL! have appt tomorrow at another location. fuckers, absolute fuckers #
  • @danbenjamin booooo dan. go Cowboys! #
  • @LindsayG the degree to which this iphone has caused me pain and unnecessary trips is ridiculous, hopefully tomorrow at tysons good things #
  • just watched the pilot of lipstick jungle (bc it was free), to test HD tv, lindsay price’s parents were adopted siblings #
  • YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exactly what we needed to get phi back a little #
  • we are trying to keep them in the game with penalties. and the defense looks a split second off #
  • go rookie go! #
  • awww poor dallas defense, no rest #
  • @ayn not so much for me… )= haha, need the competition! #
  • oh my fears re: the defense are being realized #
  • oh god. highs and lows. highs and lows #
  • the most ridic sequence ever #
  • omg #
  • @CarolLiang haha, yeah, born and raised in TX, always affiliated with the boys (booo to the oilers) #
  • damn the refs are TERRRRRRRIBLE!!!!!!! #
  • that’s in #
  • but not worth challenging #
  • damn, what a hard hard runner the barbarian is #
  • torn betweening trying aperture or just using my poor PS skills (or i guess my old lightroom as well) #
  • big play #
  • BIG #
  • that was just great… it would’ve been great even if the boys had lost, just a great game all around (but f yeah cowboys!) #
  • admittedly cowboys got away with a lot of facemasks #
  • @technotheory it’s a good book. kind of simple but a good enough read #
  • when did it go from “hand-eye coordination” to “eye-hand coordination”? #
  • @joshuatopolsky dan benjamin’s review/search #
  • naked iphone feels sexy in my hand #
  • @gruber via @amyjane my palin baby name is: Shaver Razorback Palin #
  • @peterrojas talk it up in gdgt, i’m very interested #
  • going to use safari at home for the next week or two, just because #

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