Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-17:

  • apple store 2 FAIL claims it’s an att issue I’m at wits end #
  • @sidneylo fuckin’ no shit, man 3g has been nothing but bad experience after bad experience for me. it’s amazing #
  • HTC pro HD dream touch xtreme (or whatever the hell they’re calling it these days) + android here i come (when i can i pick one up unlocked) #
  • @LindsayG haha, no workout here either, rather i had fail apple store and gordon biersch, garlic fries are yum #
  • Naked iPhone feels sexy but I’m admittedly apprehensive about where I put it down. I didn’t baby iPhone 1 like this but metal vs glossy! #
  • btw, maybe i just haven’t paid attention, but i thought apple always changed in store displays to match stock, but i saw fatty nano posters #
  • @gruber in case you hadn’t found, sample vids (from canon) #
  • @gruber samples from dpreview #
  • @ayn haha, my blog is also 99% tweet digests… maybe i should have a weekly “selected tweets” or somethign #
  • @ayn maybe i’ll try doing it @ryanblock style and make the tweets a refreshing sidebar vs their own posts daily. #
  • before he died, i had planned on getting deep into DFW, i have a stack of 8-9 books to read, 4 of which are his, getting moved up to the top #

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