Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-18:

  • i like air share, but the pdf render is kind of an ocr, not the actual pdf. oh well #
  • Less than 24 hours into naked iPhone scratch on back. The silver apple hit too #
  • thanks for emailing me that you partnered with dell I totally and completely forgot the 5 emails yesterday telling me. #
  • as it was pretty cool this morning, i’m looking around for jackets for fall and coats for winter. #
  • my netflix acct has been on hold for at least 6 months, i considered activating, but i think i’m still being churned, so fuck them #
  • At founding farmers in dc for a qucik take out lunch. Will def come back seems really nice (suffering from keyboard lag badly on 2.1 iPhone) #
  • the bacon bit in my salad are literally 3/4″ thick, god i love this restaurant #
  • The side late harvest salad from founding farmers very good very large #
  • “She is Governor of the only state with two international borders – a land border with Canada and a maritime border with Russia.” )= #

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