Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-19:

  • whoa twitter, what’s all this different? #
  • gotta say, i really enjoy the MS “I’m a PC” ads. #
  • @LindsayG expect no less. #
  • @danbenjamin dallas mug would be better, i should send you dallas gear or something (quite a game, i expect eagles to be in it all season) #
  • @peterrojas & @ryanblock while it’s interesting and relevant and recent, i kind of do wish you had kept netbooks as the tease joke of gdgt #
  • F netflix! sponsoring this kind of challenge whilst throttling my account! #
  • @peterrojas & @ryanblock challenge: the 6 hour podcast. do it. DO IT. ppl will listen to the whole thing. #
  • @danbenjamin haha, i imagine twitpic/snaptweet of an eagles mug sitting on the broken shards of a cowboys mug. #
  • @danbenjamin, what are your thoughts on mcnabb? do you feel he’s back (but still a choke artist)? i don’t think he’s choker. #
  • i’m tempted to start my weekend now, but only a little while longer (and apparently there is some kind of taco party at 4) #
  • i’m going to venture that 90% of hand lotion women use is scented MUCH too strongly. sneezing like i’m breathing pepper or something #
  • @danbenjamin pretty reasonable support for mcnabb not a choke artist #
  • i want to read hodgeman’s books, “boys will be boys,” and start my DFW books. that’s a lot of pages to want to pour through #
  • @ayn not in the sense you mean and i’d like…. #
  • one more benefit of my latest apple store experience, i get to spend another 2 hours applying a back skin to the wife’s iphone (arghhh) #
  • Why can’t ppl walk in a straight line? #
  • I have no idea what the job entails but I find it mildly unacceptable that it’s past 5 and my mail is still in the process of being deli … #
  • official, dog likes wife more than me now. )= #

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