Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-22:

  • ROMO!!!!!! argh #
  • it happens like 1-2x a game #
  • TO is a ridic great blocker #
  • – Comfy #
  • updating airsharing is slow (maybe i should’ve delted the files in it before updating) #
  • @myzuk yeah, i could see that #
  • omg, hilarious didy: #
  • “bush done fucked shit up” – diddy. #
  • as long as he’s been in dallas, i’ve been a defender, but even i think TO’s on the verge of complaining about touches, doesn’t look happy #
  • i want to buy all of chuck palahniuk’s books. all of a sudden. this morning. but i won’t. #
  • 90 sec for answers in the VP debates? argh. #
  • kings of leon are pretty good. #
  • my at&t/iphone woes continue, currently went from full signal/3g to no signal, for no reason whatsoever #
  • @ayn unless i come up with some other reason, i know apple wont exchange it either. argh, STILL no svc #
  • iphone’s been searching for a signal for 2 minutes at least. now display sleep lock, hit button for screen still searching #
  • i’d rather it just say no service, wtf. ARGH, not like i just DIDN’T restore my phone from scratch, maybe i’ll do a total clean, no backup #
  • after restart it’s no service. if i go into airplane mode and back then it’s on the search forever. i hate this fucking phone today #
  • @selfedge @ayn i need info on that bson peacoat, been looking at peacoats for 2-3 weeks now #
  • @ayn i might JB it, fuck it right? if it doesn’t work as intended, might as well fuck around with it #
  • @ayn baseband new from apple or a “custom” baseband? i’m not up to date on all the pwn tools #
  • @CarolLiang @ayn is right im just having the worst luck with this one, iphone 1 was great. and everyone i know loves theirs. im just cursed #
  • after some sleuthing, iphone ish seems to trace back to att shitty 3g net (even though i’m def in a saturated area). arg #
  • why don’t apple support forums paginate? damn argh #
  • well going to decide that my iphone problems are att problems. only makes me feel slightly better #
  • @ayn no paying for that service, fuck att! i’m emailing the internal ppl (i have the emails from when they contacted me before re my issues) #
  • @sidneylo weird not getting your updates in my home twitter page but do appear on the @reply page. #
  • not the BR best player, but at 199, not bad for a profile 1.0 player, maybe a nice 2nd player #
  • @ayn haha, this one wasn’t in my main page either. whatevs. i am having no luck with tech today. #
  • godfather blurays will be here tomorrow, woot. i’m getting so many movies in the next few weeks (took advantage of a weirdo amazon deal) #

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