Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-23:

  • @ayn that peacoat a bit outside my price range! but nice #
  • @ayn hahahaha, fo sho… but i wasn’t tryin’ to get taht either #
  • @ayn i’d NEVER shoot a short movie but i want this cam so bad (still holding out to see what RED does)… truthfully i’d rather hd camcroder #
  • @ayn if RED has canon mounts, it’s OVER. i already am thinking about the fucking scarlet (like i need a 3k camcorder, but i DO)! #
  • yesterday i wasnt hungry at all, all day (i ate a smallish dinner just to eat). today i’m starving. #
  • I guess it’s rush lot of college girls in matching t shirts chanting at each oyher #

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