Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-25:

  • godfather blurays are ftw #
  • thinking about buying a mem foam mattress topper, but worried about it retaining heat (i like a cool bed), any experiences to share tw’verse #
  • @ayn who has the time? #
  • boy could kenley try and make people hate her more? #
  • @gruber damn, that was terrible, absolutely terrible (so much fun to watch) #
  • it’s like palin has to force words out of her mouth #
  • all of my coffees this morning had a smoky taste #
  • digital copies from dvd/BRs download from web or from the disc included? #
  • so so so ridic no way biden drops (thanks for the rumor fox news) #
  • im giving heroes 2 more weeks glad marlo is still a badass (not so for michael, now on 90210) but heroes sucking #
  • damn, i really want to see quantum of solace #
  • apple tv runs SO hot #

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