Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-28:

  • using doug’s itunes script to make a no lyrics playlist, then just leaving my mac muted and playing til they’re all complete #
  • (clearly not scrobbling any of it) #
  • i was surprised how much i was moved by grett pratt’s (mekhi phifer) death on ER. they sure know how to kill there characters (minus romano) #
  • oh my, my no lyrics itunes list is 38 DAYS long. hmm, maybe i’ll just plan to have it done by my birthday or something #
  • i seem to be using my birthday as a marker for a LOT of things these days #
  • oh that was 39 days and counting, still building the playlist #
  • my itunes no lyric script timed out, but my no lyrics playlist now stands at 48.g days #
  • so new godfather bluray, watch once through all 3, then again with FFC commentary (though i heard on the dvd set i own) then supp. disc #
  • many many hours of the godfather ahead of me (through 2 films, so 6 hours down) #
  • just made and ate a pizza of korean stuff (samgyupsal [pork belly bacon] + kimchi), it was good. #
  • why can i only buy authentic nfl jerseys in ridiculously big sizes that look like old sleep shirts rather than fitted jerseys?] #

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