Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-29:

  • i’m a little godfather’ed out tbh… #
  • After contemplating giving up caffeine cold turkey decided this morning that caffeine would be my lone vice giving up other things #
  • soft serve ice cream at krispe kreme? oh the sugar goodness #
  • @holycool gulp, umm, i love meat and burgers, but that’s too much. give me the sushi/sashimi wedding cake over that ANY day of the week #
  • @LindsayG ummm, errr, yeah, i got about 3 min of editing done… (= soon! (welcome back!) #
  • @LindsayG did it work? make my clock go faster with your psychic abilities while you’re at it #
  • contemplating another cup of coffee, don’t know if my heart/blood pressure can take it #

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