Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-30:

  • @sidneylo no you don’t law school sux. strike that law school is awesome, being lawyer sux #
  • editing a lot of video kind of sucks #
  • at least for a novice like me #
  • had to scrap my video project. starting afresh #
  • 1.3gb mov file. compressing to various sizes now #
  • and to think this is just part of what i initially wanted to do, but now i think just a bunch of shorter ones, damn #
  • alright, while caffeine is my last vice (tho hard to shed the others), i’m trying to make it today with a little less than yesterday. #
  • @lindsayg yep bright eyes was the song. me and the wifey were miffed bc the soundtrack of the wedding took a lot of songs we wanted. haha #
  • @LindsayG twas was the flip! the full size vid looks better than vimeo one, but it’s 1.3gb! #
  • this morning, while inexplicably listening to studio 60 on hulu, i miss the west wing #
  • gonna start buying cameras on ebay just for this #
  • @LindsayG did you get to go to this during your trip?
    epcot international food/wine festival. #
  • @kpereira did you buy a mature (post splice) avocado tree? or did you have your tree spliced? #
  • perhaps bc both tv shows, but studio 60 was so much more sports night than west wing. even to the point of rehashing a lot of dialogue #
  • craving some quinoa… but i dont have any at home and not wanting to go to the store tonight to buy (and then have to make) some #
  • @selfedge that Pote Tin Kyriaki shirt is fucking hot #

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