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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-31:

  • put 6gb of ram in your mbp #
  • out for delivery #
  • deciding what to do tonight. just hit a bar and have some cocktails or to georgetown to ppl watch. also monty has to show his costume off #
  • @peterrojas @ryanblock enjoying the ambient live sounds in gdgt. pr4 (i think) and kettle boiling (perhaps bottle for pr4) so far #
  • the wife currently uses a macbook, but i think maybe next year i’ll get her a netbook to take to school when she needs a machine #
  • on a related note, come on apple, release a netbook (or hackintosh, perhaps here i come) #
  • @myzuk of monty? tomorrow there’ll be some up. #
  • just as i got my AT&T bill email, i realized i forgot to pay last month’s (due a week ago) bill. sucks #
  • @gdgt is talking about a $600 12″ netbook that sounds a lot like my old beloved (fave machine ever) 12″ PB G4 #
  • last night i was browsing the pottery barn catalog, saw their use of older apples, going to miss white computers a little tbh #
  • @myzuk haha, that’s a secret til tonight. #
  • flickr down? #
  • @danbenjamin woot! new TTS? good stuff. and i guess happy birthday? #
  • i really hope netflix on tivo is HD, since the supported boxes are all HD boxes. it would make me keep my netflix (even without mac support) #
  • (mac support yet i wanted to say before i ran out of characters) #
  • via @lifehacker, suggestions for what you like based on what you like it’s not bad #
  • @danbenjamin @gruber this might’ve been the most “traditional” end to a talk show ever #
  • via @37signals blog, who doesn’t want this if you have a baby: #
  • shameful #
  • i dont understand how the touchscreen voting booths are so bad. ATMs aren’t that bad, use them! #
  • @holycool awesome, my first tweet: look how far i’ve come hahaahahahh #
  • @holycool really, who really uses twitter? it’ll NEVER take off.. HAHAHAHAHAAHA #
  • @LindsayG your first tweet decidedly cooler than my foolish disbelief in twitter. how much do i twitter at work now?! SO MUCH! haha #
  • @jsnell i’m committed but scared i don’t have 50k words out of my idea. #
  • @jsnell well my novel idea (no pun intended) is to write nothing but dialog. But I’m giving it the old college try! #
  • @ryanblock excellent, and for some reason hilarious, avatar #
  • yeah palin, calling you on the BS is TOTALLY abridging your First Amendment rights. unbelieveable #
  • Swag… [is] so confident it doesn’t even need an extra syllable… – bethlehem shoald #
  • oops shoals not shoald #
  • @holygod is there a devil? and if so, can you have him follow my tweets too? thanks #
  • a scant 10 months later, my foray into plastic and the consumer world ends. alum/pro fo life #
  • i’m never scared when i go to haunted houses bc i expect there to be something jumping out at me at every turn. #
  • plus i’m usually plotting how best to act scared as a justification for punching whoever jumped out at me in the face for fun #
  • you can use migrate assistant between two macs vis USB2.0 or ethernet right? #
  • @myzuk what the f for? #
  • Wow fear factor marathon on MTV. Ha. #
  • I hadn’t heard til now but the jack white Alicia keys 007 song is meh #
  • Finally got my crossover serial #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-30:

  • @peterrojas yes, he clearly has the money to afford HD cams or hell just rent some REDs #
  • @ayn you have no idea how close i am to placing order (wife isn’t against it) #
  • @ayn maybe i buy and sell a macbook #
  • @ayn what bin price? #
  • barack show was a little underwhelming if you’ve been following hte campaign, but i guess not meant for those #
  • ordered…. #
  • @sidneylo if by ultimate you mean the 2.8ghz monster no, the lowly 2.4. i’m not a baller like you guys (you, @ayn, etc) #
  • @KPB not what you hoped as in not met your expectations or the meal was different (taste, ingredients, etc) than you thought #
  • i HATE making ebay listings #
  • @ryanblock nice, i hope it’s in HD (all the tivo boxes listed in annoucement are). oh and the isn’t up yet, ha #
  • btw, i’m sure tweeted out last night, but i was underwhelmed by obama show. as a follower didn’t seem like much, if any new stuff #
  • but the obama special certainly did an excellent job of putting him and his ideas out there for those “undecideds” #
  • – the last dragon remake? i don’t know how i feel about this. i love that movie. intrigued and scared at the same time #
  • i’m not skinny and i dont want to be insensitive, but i honestly don’t understand: #
  • “i’m not voting against mccain, i’m voting for obama” not quite the sentiment the mccain camp is pushing #
  • exxon posts record breaking 3q net profits. RIDICS #
  • Lesser of two evils: jacked up fingernails or a jacked up jaw from chewing gum so much? #
  • 1password license is 50% off today #
  • @iamshimone @ayn might be more help, but browser integration for one. both are great, 1 is free 1 is not. #
  • @sidneylo i feel your genius bar pain. fuck them for realz #
  • @sidneylo awesome sid. after my iphone issues, fuck the genius bar forever. #
  • @ayn really, wtf are you doing? i haven’t had growl crash ever, granted you use your machine like 23948230984x more than i do mine #
  • so per @slashfilm the weirdo guitar hero/risky business ad was directed by ratner. and as they point out what a comparison to fincher’s nike #
  • @iamshimone wow, the difference in your and my iphone apple store experiences are worlds apart. haha, i even went to 2 diff stores too! #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-29:

  • i want to do nanowrimo in either textmate or pages. any suggestions for which? (i don’t want to use word for whatever reason) #
  • Does greg oden have a Dominican birth certificate? No way he’s not 44. He looks older than lebron. #
  • @DCTenor1 that sucks man. Did the partner already bail? #
  • No joke I really want sham-wow. “you know the Germans always make good stuff.” #
  • just put down a small bag of reece’s pieces. )= #
  • Ah phlegm and nasal congestion. The joys of dairy in my lunch #
  • @jsnell but you are 100% correct #
  • @LindsayG monday or thurs #
  • @KPB FF is so incredibly good. the bacon “bits” are HUGE as are portions. #
  • @gruber could he expect conformity from a maverick?!?! she out mavericked the maverick #
  • wife just confused $49M with 49M korean won (in 1995 exchange rate) #
  • fuck, my two close friends just got mbps and both are bellweathers for my purchases #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-28:

  • that was really annoying my master password for 1password was wrong (i guess my note was an old one) and i had to reset and start anew #
  • ugh, some nasty idiot ak vp bot following me on twitter. #
  • @ayn yeah, i’m not limited beta either. i will reup nf when they do mac AND they stock adequate amounts of blurays. #
  • @greggrunberg if it’s really going to get better i guess i’ll give it a few more eps, i am this close to not watching anymore #
  • via @huffpo – spend the iraq war coffers on other things #
  • trying writing a tweet from within wordpress just bc i can i suppose #
  • to combat the lack of music on tv perhaps, mtv now has a hulu-ish music vid site (via @nymag) #
  • well officially signed up for nanowrimo. wish me luck #
  • via @slashfood ocean friendly sushi #
  • i got 13/15 #
  • i distrust anyone who writes “blue ray” rather than “bluray” or “blu-ray” #
  • @closetcaucus today might be the last day i went out sans scarf. walking to the metro to go to work in the AM is bit more than brisk #
  • “And although it seems heaven sent We ain’t ready, to see a black President, uhh” tupac in 1998. 10 years later on the cusp #
  • basketball tonight!!! this is my favorite time of year, football and basketball! #

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My final shopping cart of Iraq money stuff

Call me greedy, but I kept $8.6 billion in walking around money.

Every NFL Franchise

4 Race Track

15 Manhattan Townhouse

12 Hollywood movie

4 Casino

10 South Pacific Island

Levees That Can Do the Job

2 Porsche 911 Turbo

Honolulu estate

10 Winery in Napa Valley

5 Air Force One

4 Your Own Airport

4 Oil Company

3997 Feed a Starving Child

4496 House a family

4096 Protect Tropical Forests

Help Prevent the Next Katrina

3549 Cure the Sick, Heal the Injured

4006 Get On Board With Mass Transit

5994 Feed the Poor

Dracula’s Castle

4 Lear Jet

3 Yacht

6 Buy the World a Coke

Chewing Gum

4 Bentley Azure Convertible Mulliner

11 Jewlery

Something to wear

3996 Help Disabled Veterans

1999 Buy a Goat

3996 Women’s Small Business Kit

2997 Adopt a Polar Bear

3996 The Gift of Sight.

4 Saleen S7

5 Mansion in Beverly Hills

20 Jackson Pollack painting

20 Picasso painting

5 Theme Park

10 Super Bowl ad

Wow, a real life post! What the Iraq war bought me

So a guy wrote a book about what the $1 TRILLION dollars spent on the Iraq war could’ve purchased (recent estimates have escalated that to $3 trillion apparently).  There were noble things like fund Social Security, pay off all college students’ credit card debt, double the cops on the street for 32 years, 1.9 million more teachers.  Crazy things like line all the highways of the US in 23.5c gold leaf, buy everyone on the planet an iPod (did not specify type in the article I read).  There was a link to a site where you could go on your own noble and crazy shopping spree.  Here’s what I bought before I got bored:

Every NFL Franchise

4 Race Tracks

5 Manhattan Townhouses

6 Hollywood movies

4 Casinos

4 South Pacific Islands

Levees That Can Do the Job

2 Porsche 911 Turbos

Honolulu estate

5 Winerys in Napa Valley

2 Air Force Ones

2 Your Own Airports

2 Oil Companies

1000 Feed a Starving Child

500 House a family

100 Protect Tropical Forests

Help Prevent the Next Katrina

500 Cure the Sick, Heal the Injured

999 Get On Board With Mass Transit

1998 Feed the Poor

Dracula’s Castle

2 Lear Jet

3 Yacht

Buy the World a Coke

Chewing Gum

4 Bentley Azure Convertible Mulliner

6 Jewlery

Something to wear

OKAY OKAY, so not the most altruistic of spending.  But it’s annoying to put 500 homes in and see no difference essentially in your balance.  I haven’t closed my cart yet, so maybe I’ll keep tossing in homes for the less fortunate, feeding of starving kids, protecting of rain forests, etc etc etc til I’m zeroed out.  It might take all day.  I’ll post an update later.

What We Could Have Done With The Money – Rob Simpson (site)

Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-27:

  • @myzuk they are supposed to be dry, i’m just saying #
  • got the wife back into lost by just turning it on. she’s halfway done with s2, we have s3 bluray and s4 preordered #
  • tired, but fully functioning. #
  • november is national novel writing month maybe i’ll work on mine #
  • @ryanblock post results of this please. (i do clean install, but am always tempted by migration assistanc) #
  • @myzuk much like many i have machinations on writing a book, already have a basic idea/format/structure. #
  • @MacDivaONA check out the freecycle options near you #
  • i want to try via @slashfood #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-26:

  • it would look ridic with the black bezel, but i like the look of white keys + alum of the apple kbd so much more than the black +alum of mbp #
  • @LindsayG it’s all about 98% on what level difficulty? (= though i’m sure you are a master #
  • wow if palin is going rogue bc she thinks mccain camp has sunk her reputation, she sure is doing a bang up job of ruining it herself #
  • i miss chappellle show #
  • wonder how much of snl had to be redone due to poehler pumping out that kind today? #
  • am looking forward to weekend update, i think seth meyers could handle it solo and not sure who on the cast would fill nicely #
  • sudekis? wiig? anyone but casey wilson or whatever her name is #
  • fuck it, making cookies, see y’all in an hour #
  • @iamshimone is that the david allen greer show? or the DL hughley show? #
  • – More of these to come tomorrow #
  • meyers doing okay, but robocall was way too long #
  • “feel like a dummy yet?” #
  • who really thought these fuckin bk shroom and swiss commcercials were a good idea #
  • i really hope i creamed the butter enough or the cookies (shortbread really) are ruined #
  • will jeremy sisto and anthony anderson be the end of law and order? #
  • wifey’s disappointed and shocked how bad chris martin sounds live vs cd #
  • weird i’ve finally seen a pic of the mbp where i dont hate the black keyboard. bad sign #
  • one rzn not to upgrade computers, i dont want to have to reapply korean character stickers to a kbd #
  • and i dont want to have to custom cut clear skins to protect high traffic keys #
  • three songs for coldplay? is this bc cutting poehler sketches? #
  • seriously 4 songs? okay thanks for cutting that off #
  • Shortbread cookies are dry like pretzels or saltines. But not bad for my first go round and only second time making cookies #
  • @LindsayG impossible for anyone not a 10 year old savant #
  • – He’s sleeping I’m finishing my cookies #
  • kobe arod tony hawk michael phelps in GH world tour commercial, weird #
  • a win is a win, but i’m not satisfied with a 13-9 win #
  • damn, the minefield beta with tracemonkey is friggin fast. #
  • playing around with cs3, lightroom, and aperture #
  • i thought when you minimized a qt mov, the “thumbnail” in the dock kept playing the vid (just tiny like)? not the case with the side dock? #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-25:

  • @LindsayG ooooh o.y.w only ftw!!! #
  • i wish tivo had a “remind me” feature #
  • @LindsayG congrats!!!! #
  • tesla sedan is the fuckin’ heat of 1000 suns #
  • 3 days, 2 whole foods and i’m STILL without quinoa, it’s like buying the iphone 3g all over again #
  • despicable #
  • #
  • oh yeah, you know it #
  • no joke, fighting fighting not to just go pick up an mbp today…. retail therapy of sorts i guess #
  • @iamshimone oh there will be no remorse til i get my bank statement or cc bill (= #
  • someone won the mega millions a few days ago, back down to the starting jackpot, grr, should’ve been me! #
  • @iamshimone and you are as bad as @ayn for my wallet #
  • “looks like real cool japanese girl” #
  • trying to find the most simple cookie recipe (flour, water, butter, eggs, sugar with either maple syrup or honey) #
  • @myzuk simple as in don’t need a lot. i have sugar, flour, butter, eggs, milk, honey, maple syrup (do have mixer of sorts) #
  • @myzuk yeah was looking at them. picking one of THOUSANDS now #
  • it’s absolutely irrational my desire of the new mbp, not even bc i don’t need, but more bc i have problems with some of the design cues #
  • achieved one of my goals for weekend, unfortunatley the least productive one (catch up on heroes and mad men) (yeah heroes = done!) #
  • amazing how much monty’s breath DOESN’T stink since getting his teeth cleaned #
  • set up, not sure if i’ll use it. #
  • been on safari (nightly webkit) all day. nice. not sure how much better than ff for my usage #
  • keep on looking at pics of the black kbd to make me not want that mbp… (= #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-24:

  • Jalepenos at dinner so hot lip flesh is burning!!! #
  • @KPB if you ever do, let me know and i’ll reward you with a case of it or something (= #
  • @ayn so did you wipe the data, clean install of osx and then the additional software? #
  • damn @greggrunberg 1 hour 271 followers #
  • @greggrunberg iphone apps: twitterific, twitterlator prob best bets #
  • why am i updating on my computer via the web and not t’rrific? dunno, twitter was just open #
  • back to t’rrific! #
  • My iPhone be resetin my videos so they are new even after been watched yo #
  • @tstarks33 pales in comparison to @bettydraper #
  • woot friday off! but i had to wake up “early” bc monty’s got to get to the vet for his teeth cleaning #
  • any suggestions on which webkit nightly build to run? or just the latest one? #
  • ack FF kbd shortcuts ingrained in my brain (at least what i do use) need to work on safari (and camino if diff) #
  • i wake up this morning REALLY wanting a new computer when i have next to no need for one (well not 100% true, but very little need) #
  • Always feel so guilty when I leave monty at the vet #
  • ugh, covered in foreign dog hair from the vet #
  • i really want to redo my entire and all my bookmarks, i’m in an organizing mood today. but i also want to sit on the couch… #
  • and play madden all day #
  • via @gruber osx v. vista battery life tho i though in vista the new mbps were limited to high gpu (hence lower bat #
  • no joke i’m literally fighting to keep myself from buying a new mbp today… and i hardly use my computer at home anymore (long days at work #
  • and i want a new AeBS for gigabit even though nothing important is wired for me #
  • hey, i’m just trying to save teh economy by buying myself into the poorhouse #
  • sigh really wanting new mbp today. #
  • @iamshimone too bad, the migration assistant is great, but i always opt for clean install and run around looking for app licenses #
  • @LindsayG what are you running? i started trying to run regularly again, but am having hip pains #
  • 3g down in DC? Or just me? #
  • @iamshimone I’m always scared of that and I use the opportunity to get rid of apps I don’t use but I hate reinstalling all I do use. #
  • In no particular order: languages, write more, ukulele, workout, read more. #
  • @iamshimone I don’t use entourage but have read on numerous occasion that it craps out at about 4gb mail db just beware #
  • @joshuatopolsky haha showing up gdgt!!!! #
  • @ayn awesome man. Good shit. I’m still rocking non gigabit aebs #

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