Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-01:

  • wow takes a junk load of time to load BRs these days #
  • @LindsayG do you use imovie? i’m going to try imovie rather than fce for my next set of wedding vids #
  • applied new back skin to wifey’s iphone, but cut off the fucking sides, so just a back skin. not bad, way easier install #
  • boy, sure had a hard time getting up this morning… #
  • palin, umm, wow, umm argh, just can’t stand her. feisty is no substitute for substance ppl #
  • btw, rape or incest is just a “less than ideal” situation for a woman. at least per palin. #
  • respect for science?!?! but dinosaurs walked with man!? my head’s about to explode #
  • oh how sweet, palin has a gay… #
  • maybe rather than opera/classical music, i’ll get back into movies in a big bad way #
  • fake michael bay (@michael_bay) is the only fake person on twitter i follow, oh wait, i followed @peterfrojas for awhile #
  • Just heard old ppl where I work bash palin. And I’d always assumed where I worked was basically all conservatives #
  • today is day 1 of coffee every 3 hours at work rather than every 2 hours #
  • i’m tired #
  • i, these days, want a leather folio. don’t know why, don’t have any need #
  • i’ve got some stuff to do, but i’m bored out of my mind and i’m going to be here for quite some time longer #
  • @LindsayG there are yellow twizzlers? #
  • haha, made a short vid of friend’s wedding, the number of views grows exponentially, i only sent it to 4 ppl. more views than wedding guests #
  • @michael_bay is some of the funniest tweets i’ve read. awesome. hahahah #

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